Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Eddie Checking In

Hi Cyberspace.

Yesterday was our day off, and D.L. Hilton told us to relax so we only worked for 10 hours. We had a run through on Sunday for designers and co. and it was our first opportunity to see a lot of the new stuff we've been piling on the cast in sequence. On the whole, we're quite pleased with the way things are going, but there's always more to do, of course.

Today was a really great day. We had a break-through of sorts with the character of the Colonel and added a bit to his entrance that really nailed down his relationship to John. It was really nuts, and I was nervous to try it, but it paid off. We could tell as we passed new pages around that it answered a lot of questions everyone had been asking. Also, the new bit, which is musical, happens about halfway through a rather long scene which lacks a "real" song, so I think it'll act as a tentpole in the structure to help move us along. I know it sounds strange, adding something to make things feel tighter, but that's how it works out sometimes.

In other news, we cut a song and are writing a new one. I'll tell ya all about it in my next post. Gotta go eat.

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