Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hi Y'all. Well we had our first "day off".

Most of the cast headed back to NYC to catch up on life and I slept in! We all really worked our behinds off this first week, so it was good to have a little breather. (I know, I know, Andrew worked 27 hours or somesuch craziness, he's a far better person than I.) Late in the afternoon, Michael, Andrew and I drove out to Gillette castle, which is a crazy, beautiful castle that was built by an actor who made a career out of playing Sherlock Holmes.

It was a very productive first week for the show. Two of the many changes, cuts & rewrites we did resulted in adding movement and dance to the piece, which I'm super excited about.

There's this number in act one called "What a Man" in which Ann sings about the two men in her life: John Doe and D.B.Norton. Originally, it was a 'writer's block' moment in which Ann is unable to write the big speech and her thoughts drift. It was good on paper, but very hard to play. Over the course of rewrites, it had lost the writer's block part and turned into more of a celebration of Ann turning around her hard luck. It played much better, but wasn't quite there yet. Now, we've turned the first section of the song into a street scene in which Ann is surrounded by images of John Doe and advertisements for the big speech on the bridge and it really moves and dances and sings. And it gets us out on the street, opening up the world. Karma and Donna Lynne are having a ball with it.

In other dance news, Andrew wrote a hot dance number for the top of Act Two. Curious? Come see the show!!

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