Wednesday, October 18, 2006


New number coming...

Eddie here. It's day two of rehearsal and much of the cast is learning music with Albin. Michael and Karma are preping for staging the opening this afternoon. Last night, Andrew and I started figuring out a new number we're thinking about for act two. Finished roughing it out this morning and are really liking what we've come up with so far. More on that later.

So last night, I tried the Italian restaurant across from the Opera house and it's totally tasty. Pat, Guy and Melanie walked in and joined me, which was awesome. I had to take off for a meeting with Andrew, so I said my goodbyes to walk up the street to the studio. It had been raining heavily and a truck zoomed by and soaked me neck to shins in dirty rain/puddle water. I was 80% mad and 20% amazed that that sort of thing really happens. So nasty.

Poor guy!! You are right out of a silly cartoon. I would have still loved to see it :)
If I laughed when I read this, does that make me a bad person?
Oh I laughed... I laughed and laughed!!
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