Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Writers Are Losing It!

Tomorrow, we all head up to Goodspeed to get this thing rolling, and it's a good thing too, cause Andrew (composer and co-bookwriter) and I are losing our minds. Andrew sends me this e-mail the other day sharing that he's taken some of Ann's lyrics and used some website translator to translate them from English to Italian to French and then back to English again. Here's how the first part of Ann's song "I'm Your Man" turns out:

Wished the fireworks?
I will give you fourth of July.
Lottos of fortune that they find better somebody than.
Simply which crashes to pieces them,
Really, Dick, they are enough crafty ones.
Yours I stop you
And of air ditch your parachutes.

Hmm, maybe I'd finally win the Kleban if I had sent that in instead of my lyrics.

Evidence of my brain decaying? Last night I had an epic dream about the first three days up at Goodspeed where, for some reason, 6 shows were being workshopped - one of them starring Tom Cruise. On day two, during the design team presentations, Andrew got up and did an eight-minute interpretive dance to show the "energy" of the piece. Watch out, Karma, it was pretty hot.

I'm looking forward to seeing you recreate Andrew's interpretive dance.
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