Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Pot Luck, Boggle & Rewrites

Well it was a nice long stretch of off-time yesterday in East Haddam. After the second show on Sunday (which was wonderful!) the vast majority of the cast took off for NYC for a break from CT and to catch up on this and that.

After Andrew and I worked our butts off on rewrites all day (new stuff coming, everyone!!!) I hosted a pot-luck at my place. Andrew brought some sweet sausage, I made a tomato, garlic, onion dip for the bread and cooked up some pasta with vodka sauce. Rachal brought some yummy potstickers, Ron made some wonderful rice with butternut squash in it and Keegan brought some quality beer and cookies. We all ate our faces off before clearing the table for some serious Boggle. Andrew "the Android" Gerle cleaned up, of course, but a good time was had by all.

Today (Tue.) was more rewrites and a bunch of orchestration work on Andrew's part. We've got rehearsal from 6-11 tonight to put in the changes. Some really good stuff, I think.


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