Saturday, October 28, 2006


Feeling it

Just an update on "Inside the Writers' Minds": we're Tired.

Having spent 11 days straight doing nothing but rewriting, we have to say we're a little crispy. We're very excited about everything we've done (even the big dance number that I spent the better part of a day writing that we've pretty much now decided to scrap), but each morning, it's a little harder to leave our cozy apartments and head back to the rehearsal hall. We're just now tackling some final bumpy patches, getting rid of clunky, old-fashioned transitions, newsboys yelling headlines (please stop, already, I have a headache), identifying places we need underscoring, etc. Nothing major, but it's hard to accept that the end is in sight, that we won't actually be rewriting this show until we're 50.

Today we staged the only new number we've added since we've been here, and it's making everyone cry, so I'm pretty sure it's a keeper. And, more exciting yet: I spent much of the last two days making the orchestra parts up-to-date with all the little changes we've made, and they're 95% done and being printed to give to our players this weekend! We'll be using a four-piece band: piano, bass, drums and mallets (xylophone and vibraphone), which is a combo we've used before and gives just enough period color without trying to sound like a full orchestration. We'll be adding six more players at Ford's, which is when we'll pull out all the stops.

I should get back to doing something useful, like keeping an eye out for leaks: it's raining in such torrents, the gentle babbling brook that runs under the rehearsal studio has turned into a class 5 rapids.


Looking forward to a terrific show next month and seeing that wonderful cast.
Get back to that typewriter, Andrew!
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