Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So THAT'S what we're doing

From Andrew:
Today was the first day of rehearsal, and aside from the rain, was terrific. Reading and singing through the entire show (which went amazingly well for having had zero rehearsal) reminded us what the show really feels like, and things that need tweaking were (as always) crystal clear; before dinner, I set an entire reprise lyric for the Ensemble which I had somehow overlooked (oops), and Eddie and I cut about 50% of one scene and came up with an idea for a new number for Mother (the lovely Melanie Vaughan).

Another notable achievement: I'm riding back and forth to the rehearsal studio on the bike I found covered in spiderwebs on my little patio area, and I have not yet killed myself. This may not seem like much, but as I ride a bike about once every five years, and there's a treacherous little bridge with no sidewalk on the way, and it was raining (a little), I consider it a major triumph. Eddie tells me it's a girls' bike (something about the crossbar) but I'm not buying it. When I'm on it, it's a boy's bike; no, a MAN's bike. So there.

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